Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I ran upstairs today and on my way back down, this is what I found....Millie learned she could go up the stairs today. The way our stairs are finished will not allow us to put a gate up... I will have to be extra careful with this little mover!
She will be 8 months tomorrow! WOW, she is determined!
(sorry the video is sideways, but you had to see it to believe it!)

There was a cold blizzard all day today, and I loved it! especially when my baby looked like this!

Jake's last soccer game.

I know I have mentioned it before but Jake LOVES sports and is really talented at just about anything he does! I think next year I will have to sign him up for the competition leagues... He just about made every goal this season. (sorry to toot his horn!)
ANOTHER WIN!! 3-0 (Jake is #13...all 3 goals!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A sneak preview of Halloween!!!!!

Oh my goodness, she is a cute dalmatian!

The funniest thing is that my sister and I bought these costumes not knowing that the other had bought one....Several months apart even! This is my favorite picture of our little puppies!
Ellie and Millie!
So fun to have cousins so close together!