Monday, August 31, 2009

Costco fruit leather saves the day!

Okay so Millie, my sweet little girl is (bless her heart) a little handful.
She does not want to be held and she does not want to be in her car seat... She makes it a little bit difficult to do anything outside of the house but especially grocery shopping.
The last time I shopped with her a vowed NEVER to do it again. To make a long story short she was screaming so loud and would not nurse, eat food or take a toy, so I finally had to leave without half of the things I needed.
I had to go to the store today so I thought, okay I will have Jake (who helps SO much) push her in the stroller while I load the cart. Because she actually does like a good walk in the stroller. She was good for about 20 min and then it began..... I reached desperately into my purse for something, anything and found a fruit leather. I unwrapped it and handed it to her, I didn't really care what the aftermath was going to look like.
I shopped and might I add took my sweet time because she did not make one peep the rest of the time! And just when I was about done we looked down and she was sleeping still sucking away on the little piece that was left of that heaven sent piece of fruit! We love fruit leathers at our house, even more now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What Millie has been up to lately!



Bitter biscuits!

Bathtime to clean up the damage!

She has decided she only likes to eat if it is on her terms.... I.e. Feeding herself.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In my opinion, this is crawling... She gets to where she needs to go and has been able to for 2 months. I am pretty sure our hands will be full with this little firecracker!
Which would explain how she got to one of Brad's business cards the other day and ate it. Brad was saying it was an important business card and now half of the number was now missing. The next day I found the rest of that number for Brad.... In her poop! We were laughing so hard and I am not kidding when I tell you I actually read off the "missing" number to Brad. I was going to take a picture to prove it but I didn't want anyone losing their lunch. FUNNY!
Her pants and socks were inhibiting her a little. She is after a plate, the girl loves to eat!

2nd Grade!

Jake's first day of 2nd grade! He told me he was not excited but he could not hide it! He has a boy teacher this year...Mr. C. I have heard great things about him, I am excited to see how the year goes! I think it will be a positive experience having a male teacher.
(Jake has wanted a vest ever since he saw my little brother Joe wearing one... I finally found one in his size! He has had his "first day of school outfit picked out for a month and nothing I ever could have said would have swayed his decision!)

Friday, August 14, 2009


She is all smiles! Millie was not feeling good for a few days due to a fever, I am glad to see her sweet self return!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My sister and I met at Gardner village yesterday to walk around and eat lunch! It was a much needed fun little day with my sister! Thanks Tiff!

Jake and Eliza!
Jake being Jake.. Isn't he cool with his glasses?!
Goldie the horse!
George the horse

Millie and Sollie
They were so cute! They just kept looking at each other!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lexy already called the profits if Millie grows up to be a famous musician of some sort! (Don't mind the tinfoil in Lexy's hair, we were having a hair party as usual! I make house calls:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family pictures!

I thought it was time for a family photo shoot since we didn't have one with Millie yet. What family one do you like the best??

I am not sure why it is perfect weather until I schedule pictures. Last year it turned into a huge blizzard during our winter family pictures, this year I will let the first picture of Millie and I explain it all.

Why does it get so frustrating? The shirts I originally had I didn't bother trying on the boys first or I would have seen that they needed to be washed due to the fact that they looked like night gowns, so my mom and I ran to Walmart of all places and luckily found shirts that matched perfectly, I am trying to prevent the kids from spilling pizza on their shirts, Jake wants the blue shirt not the red and starts with the meltdown, Millie finally falls asleep after a much needed nap right when we are walking out the door, I have anxiety because we just drove an hour in two separate cars and now it's looking like our little photo shoot is not going to happen, finally when it starts to clear up the light is almost gone and everyone is taking their sweet time walking out to the car, school is starting and this will be the only weekend it will work. I felt like I wanted to scream, and then Brad started to get frustrated at me being frustrated so then I got mad because I thought he was mad at me.... Oh boy, then you have to smile and pretend everyone is happy and life is perfect. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? Maybe it's just when you have this many people you are trying to put in a picture? Needless to say I got over everything.... Because it's usually me not anyone else...Sorry:(

We had a few setbacks like the biggest wind storm I have seen in a long time... Knocking out all of the power in Payson, but I think we still managed to capture a few keepers.....Enjoy!