Monday, August 31, 2009

Costco fruit leather saves the day!

Okay so Millie, my sweet little girl is (bless her heart) a little handful.
She does not want to be held and she does not want to be in her car seat... She makes it a little bit difficult to do anything outside of the house but especially grocery shopping.
The last time I shopped with her a vowed NEVER to do it again. To make a long story short she was screaming so loud and would not nurse, eat food or take a toy, so I finally had to leave without half of the things I needed.
I had to go to the store today so I thought, okay I will have Jake (who helps SO much) push her in the stroller while I load the cart. Because she actually does like a good walk in the stroller. She was good for about 20 min and then it began..... I reached desperately into my purse for something, anything and found a fruit leather. I unwrapped it and handed it to her, I didn't really care what the aftermath was going to look like.
I shopped and might I add took my sweet time because she did not make one peep the rest of the time! And just when I was about done we looked down and she was sleeping still sucking away on the little piece that was left of that heaven sent piece of fruit! We love fruit leathers at our house, even more now!


Katherine said...

Lily loves those too! They're really a godsend at times!

leigh said...

now you know the trick - she just wants food all the time!

St. Julien's said...

mmm I want to chew on those fruity cheeks of hers!!!!! Get down here you little stinker!

LiLi said...

So cute! Man this girl can eat! She has such a nice variety of food that she will eat- that's neat.

Oh man- your girl sounds busy like Mila. It is comforting for me to hear that my kid is not the only one constantly wiggling/moving. You know we are in trouble when they walk -right? We'll have to get them into sports early to burn off their energy:)

jdlite said...

Yea we cut those fruit leathers in half length wise so the aftermath is not as bad.