Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What Millie has been up to lately!



Bitter biscuits!

Bathtime to clean up the damage!

She has decided she only likes to eat if it is on her terms.... I.e. Feeding herself.


*Jme* said...

So cute!!!

Peyton was that same way. I'm not kidding when I say I'm not sure I EVER fed her with a spoon because she would literally clamp her mouth and spit unless SHE fed herself. Seems so young to have such an opinion! Good luck with that! LOL

LiLi said...

Yes- isn't feeding messy? I am not sure how they don't require two baths a day. Mila is still working up to all the great foods Millie is enjoying. She still struggles with cereal at times in terms of it seems to upset her tummy (not sure).

Tabitha said...

Yes, I am pretty sure I might have another Jake on my hands.. Maybe it will be about something other then clothes this time?!?

Catherine said...

So cute!! I'm a friend of your sister Tiffany's and had the awesome privilege of visiting her from Canada in the fall of 2007! Just last Friday I received a referral for my daughter Hannah who is one day older than your precious Millie! How neat to see your videos and get an idea of size and what she might be up to!

Your daughter is beautiful! Congrats mamma!

The Wiseman Life said...

I couldn't stop laughing after looking at the pic of Millie eating the addorable! She is such a cutie!