Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The journey to 4th grade begins!!

My little Jakey started 4th grade today!! Time goes by so quickly! I love you my little Jake!

Jake put some serious thought into what his first day outfit would be:)

Rushing to meet his boyz!

So excited his BEST FRIEND was in his class again!

Jake's teacher

They got to pick their own seats... Ya I'm sure this will not last long:)

Mini Pedi's

I thought it would be fun to take Millie, Kenna and myself to get pedi's. Millie was so stinkin cute it was killing us! She was so into it! She already loves to get her nails painted so this was just the cherry on top! I think I may have just created a monster!


About 3 years ago I started re-painting a few things for Millie's room...As you can see I didn't get very far. Now that she is almost 3 and another one is on the way, my goal is to get this done SOON!
I am finally feeling some energy return so I need to act fast:)
Room colors: PINK & GREEN

Finish painting this blue dresser pink then distress a little

Add another coat to this nightstand then distress a little more.

Paint these blue chairs green then distress as well.

Put another green coat on this table and distress a little

Sunday, August 21, 2011


We have been spending a lot of time in Orem this summer watching baseball games:) One of Brad's good friends manages the Orem Owlz and asked brad to DJ the games at the game. It is actually lots of fun for everyone but the kids especially love it... Unless your name is Millie when the scary owl mascots come anywhere close! Poor girl:)

I pledge allegiance....

Go, go, GO.. Is what Millie says!

Hi mom!

Lexy and Millie

Justin and Jake doing what they do best:)

Savannah her BF, and Millie.
Time to go nigh night!

Bike rides in the summer!

Millie and I got a new summer toy!
I have not had a bike since I was little and I have been wanting one. Brad surprised me this summer with my very own bike;)
Millie really enjoys it and wants to ride it every time she walks outside!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's probably out.....

I am getting really chunky and for those of you who don't know and have probably been wondering.... It's true, I'm pregnant! I'm 14 weeks.

I am due in February again (Millie was Feb 28th), I am really excited and would love another girl only because I wouldl not have to buy anything for this baby if it was. I probably still would, let's be honest...But it makes me feel better to say that:) I would also LOVE Millie to have a sister to grow up with!

I am very happy and excited but I am getting a little depressed as well that EVERY inch of my body is LARGE and in CHARGE..ALREADY!

Embrace it! Right? I guess # 3 will do it to you!?