Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Valentine Cards

I found this deal and thought it was cute! 6 Free cards and free shipping... Can't beat that! I thought I would send it to all of the grandparents or something fun like that!


They are having some problems with their site due to the response for this offer..So if it does not work, keep trying!


PiccaDilly said...

Thanks!!! I ordered some for Dylan!

Dan, Kristin, and Lincoln said...

Holy Smokes...I can't believe I randomly stumbled across this blog! I was thrilled! BTD...it's KM (Kristin Miller Dimond) and it's been way too long! It is so good to see your darling kids too! I just can't get over how big Xander and Kenna are!!! Give Kenna the biggest hug from me please! I don't think I have seen her since her debut in the "Wizard of Oz"...that was two years ago! I miss you guys...I would love to get together sometime. Your family is darling and I am excited to see that you are having another little one! Congratulations! I am expecting my second, a little girl as well, due the end of May. My little boy Lincoln will be two in March. I am teaching school part-time and still living in Davis County. Oh...so much to say and catch up on. Please shoot me an email. kristindimond@yahoo.com I also have a blog but it is private. Let me know via email if you would like an invite. It is so very good to see an update on you guys and to see that you are happy. Can't wait to hear from you guys!!