Friday, March 6, 2009


She WILL be a finger or thumb sucker! From the moment she came into this world that is all she has been trying to do... Poor girl, she just can't seem to get those fingers in and keep them in. Here is her attempt to hold one hand in when she finally found her middle finger!

I feel like the pictures I take do not do my precious baby justice! I look at her all day long and I cannot believe how she is so cute! Then when I want to show her off to the world I can't capture her true beauty! Another thing I wish I could add along with these pictures is her smell! Oh my! I wish I could put a little scratch and sniff so all of you could soak it up like I do every second of the day!! More photo's to come! My mommy is coming soon to do her first photo shoot!!!


Romeril Family said...

She IS CUTE!!!!!
I love her!!! I keep finding 20 million things I want to give her and I just want to come and visit you and shower her with presents!
I want to hold her soooooo bad!

Eliza2006 said...

She really is the most determined baby I have ever met with those fingers! Solomon wants his, but not quite as bad as Millie! She is so cute and pictures never do a baby justice. Maybe you should take a little video?

-Jamie said...

I always felt like that too. Like the camera just could NOT capture the cuteness! She is so beautiful!!!!!