Sunday, September 6, 2009


Wow....6 months already! It has been a fun journey thus far!! Here is what's new with baby girl!
15 lbs 11 oz. (50-75%)
26 1/4 inches tall (50%)

  • Loves food, especially when she eats it herself!
  • Can sit on her own!
  • Army crawls and gets into EVERYTHING!
  • Pulls herself up on things. (crib, toy bin, etc.)
  • Gives open mouth kisses to her mommy!
  • Loves the water. (Bath time or swimming.)
  • Lights up when Jake comes home from school!
  • Prefers mommy or daddy over others.
  • Soothes herself with her first 2 fingers on her right hand only.
  • Talks, blows raspberries, sings, and laughs!

    Millie is such a happy little baby, she is a pure joy to have around! We love this sweet baby girl!



Eliza2006 said...

You forgot to add:
Loves when her auntie Tiff babysits. The crying gives her lungs a good workout.

leigh said...

Those photos are SO cute!

LiLi said...

Cute outfit- I like the new one of the two of you on your side bar.

Nicole said...

She is SO stinkin cute! You need to enter these photos in a contest! PLEASE!

Nicole said...

Your mom should be at this Women's Expo with Millie's pictures slapped all over the place! She needs to start doing those...