Monday, July 12, 2010

15 months

Now that Millie is 16.5 months I guess I will talk about her 15 month updates!

20.7 lbs (10th%)
31" (50-75%)

**How does she sleep?**

She goes to bed around 8 and 9pm and sleeps until 9:30-10:00ish am
She still takes 2-3 naps per day, one an hour after she wakes up for 3 hours and then 2 hours after lunch for 2 hours. Sometimes she will take a nap for an hour while I am cooking dinner.
she has a VERY hard time sleeping anywhere besides our house and in her bed. If I am at my moms or on vacation she will go the whole day without a nap:( She likes to be laid down and have her pink blankie with silk edges on her! She sucks her first two fingers on her right hand only to fall asleep!

**Does she talk?**

She says a couple of things like "dad" "mom" "Jyk"(Jake) "mo" (more) "hat" "hot" "side" (outside) "dog" "beau"(my sisters dog) Baa ba (bottle) "whts zat "(what's that?)
She has about 50 signs (ASL) and counting.. I show her a new one and she not only uses it but remembers it!
It shocks me how much she understands lately! I tell her to give a bite to Jake and she does! I tell her to go get her bottle and she runs and grabs it! I tell her to throw it and she throws it!
The girl is a smarty pants!

**How is her appetite?**

She likes mostly anything I feed her but it is hard to get her to sit and eat. She is CONSTANTLY on the go... I usually have to follow her around and put bites in her mouth!
She refuses to eat unless she has a fork, which she really does well with! She loves drinking out of her own cup with no lid as well!

**How does she get around?**

Millie has one speed.....FAST!! She RUNS everywhere.. I am not kidding! Those of you who have seen her know what I'm talking about! She sprints! Back and forth, in and out, up and down! She is a mover! She climbs up ladders, bunk beds, tables, etc... I find her on the toy ledge and on Jake's top bunk several times a day! I had to buy her squeaker shoes so I could better locate her!

**How many teeth does she have?**

Millie got her first 2 bottom teeth at 10 months, the top HUGE teeth popped up shortly after.... Seriously, they are so funny!!! We wonder where they came from...I call them Chiclets! And that is all she has! 4 teeth!? I'm not sure where they are and why they are taking so long? She doesn't seem to mind:)

**What are her nicknames!**

Apparently "Millie" is the best name on this planet for nicknames! She has been called EVERYTHING!! Millimeter, Million, Mildew, Millipede, Milbourne, Millie vanilli, Millisecond, Millionaire, Millicent, Milski, Milinator... And more!

The ones WE call her every day are Sister, Saster, Mildred(my personal favorite), Baby girl, Girlfriend and Mil Mil!

Millie is pure joy! She is so busy and so fun! We never run out of smiles and laughs when she is around! She knows what she wants and is VERY determined! She knows when she is being funny and loves to make us laugh!

Happy 15 months!


Single Women Adopting Children said...

Oh my- we need to get these girls together......Mila just goes, and goes and goes. People wonder why I like watching her's the only time she's sitting still. Have you traveled with her much? I never believed in those baby/toddler "leashes" but- Mila has run from me in the airport a few times....I may need to cave:)

She is adorable!

I absolutely cannot believe how much she sleeps! You are lucky! Mila sleeps about 12 hours at night but it's from 6 pm to 6 am....I would prefer Millie's schedule. Mila also is a short napper. So funny how kids are all different. I like Millie's Chicklets and nicknames (Mildred I like a lot). I think Mila got 3+ teeth this past month - for a total of about 10 - not sure- she doesn't let me look at them.

Love your girl in bright colors!

PiccaDilly said...

Love the chiclets! Love the girl!

St. Julien's said...

I need to squeeze that girly!!! Rosie has chicklets too, she looks like a hill billy. I LOVE IT!!! Love u.