Friday, March 11, 2011

A funny thing.

For some reason I thought this was a little funny! Here is my story!

I was checking my bank account and I saw a charge for the "girls club" my heart started to pound and my mind starting to race... What in the hell is this.

I'm pretty sure I know Brad better than this!? He would NEVER go to a "girls club"????

I was about to lose my mind and call him with a "WHAT THE HELL" question. Maybe someone stole our credit card??

Just then it hit me that the charge amount. $55 was also the same amount the I made to the "boys and girls club" for Jake's soccer sign-ups.

PHEW.. I about made a phone call and about to turned into Satan. I would have felt like an idiot. But I knew that I didn't go to a "girls club" so who else would have?! LOL, LOL... Really, LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

The end! :)


Nicole said...

That's funny crapola! I've done that before on charges that I've seen go through, only to luckily figure out that they were from me too! Phew! Remember not only pick your battles, but research them ahead of time too! :)

Cory & Alli said...

Oh my HILARIOUS!!! Girls Club??? They really should fix that! :D

Eliza2006 said...

Funniest damned thing I've heard in a while! LOL!!!

Romeril Family said...

Oh we are twins. I would have done the very same heart and all! LOVE YOU

Kandace & Isaac said...

That's awesome