Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gum on leather....

If your darling 2 year old decides she doesn't want her gum anymore and then your darling 9 year old sits in it and smears it all around on your new leather car seats then I have a trick for you!

I was so mad and tried several things. Then I found this trick...

To remove gum from leather car seats, first remove as much as you can with your fingers, gently, so you don't spread it out more. Then get clear Scotch tape or packing tape and use the tape to pick up the remaining gum. You may go through a lot but all the gum will come out. Works like a champ.

SERIOUSLY!! Everyone who commented said it worked so I thought I'd give that a try as well, nothing else was working. New as ever!!! It worked AMAZING!!!!

I love the Internet!

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Brandtsonandrach said...

Oh my hell every time I think of this story I laugh.... I can just hear millie saying okay in that sassy voice. and jake looking at you like you are crazy. Love you