Saturday, October 22, 2011

BOY oh BOY, do I need HELP!

I have big issues with many boy names I have seen or heard these days. Personally I don't like the made up names and I really don't like long names ending in -son for my kids.

I would like something that is not too popular but is common enough that people aren't continually asking...What is it?
I love the old fashion names coming back again such as Millie for a girl. I'm not sure you can do that too successfully with a boys name. Or can you?  If this baby was a girl her name would have been Maggie.

I do like nick names and feel like if you have intentions of calling your child the nickname let's just name them that...

I'm diggin' the one syllable names such as Jake for a boy.
I like a strong masculine name that is cute for all stages of life: Baby, kid/teen and adult!
You know, one that sounds strong/athletic/smart! (I feel like Jake does just that!)

I have a Jake. (Not too popular, but it's been around.)
I love the name Jake! And that's what it is, just Jake.

I have a Millie. (Rare, making a comeback, again a name that has been around.)
After my grandmother Mildred, but everyone called her Millie. So we named her just Millie.

I'm not concerned with a middle name or our last name and how they sound with the first name chosen. At this point I am worried we will not have a name at all, so trying to mesh sounds with the other two names seems pointless.

Brad has the same thoughts that I have. We have a VERY short list of names that could be considered.

It's a VERY short list!  We're not even sure on any of those names, they were just "ok" names that didn't offend us! We  TOTALLY need suggestions!

I'm afraid our child will be nameless;)

I know we still have a little time but if I don't actively search, I know I will go to the hospital without a name!

Make sure you give me names you're ok with me taking if I like it:)


Cory & Alli said...

Boy names are sooo much harder than girl names! I think we're leaning towards "Jace" for our little guy. But we change our favorite almost weekly, so we'll see what sticks in the end! Some other names we like: Jude, Cole, Gabe (not Gabriel), Camden, Easton. Anyway, good luck! Hopefully both our boys are born with names!!!

leigh said...

Okay - here's a list for you. Eli, Sam, Gus, Simon, Jude, Grey. I also have a post where people left me lots of name ideas. I'll see if I can find it and email it to you :)

Lisa and Tate said...


St. Julien's said...

...Andrew...Joshua...o I know how about JR, TJ, BJ, HAha ha just kidding! K the first two are for real. um...Lloyd, i think that's cute Dave HATES it. Billy? Charlie? i think Jim/Jimmy are cute...i will keep brainstorming. oh Abrahm...that's a cute one...

Rebecca said...

your so cute Tabby! I just got on here after a long while and did not even know you were prego! Congrats to you guys.
The names I like that is simple a bit old fashioned are: Max,James, and Ezra.
good luck with picking names, boys are hard!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Way harder - boy names -

I am with Lisa- I like Quinn,
I've always like Scott (not too popular now), James, Zane, Cade, Parker, Love JACE (not sure who your friend is but I almost named my girl that), Evan.

I like Grey also.

Nicole said...

hmmmm... well I'm a little bit too mad at you right now to even try to help but good luck with that. You'll settle on the perfect one.

PiccaDilly said...

Spike.....I know Jake will like that one. Not too popular. Short and sweet.