Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big girl bed!

We did it!! We switched over to a toddler bed! With baby boy coming it's time to make the switch and I would rather get her used to it while I still have a little energy:)

Friday we made the switch. We had a few thumps in the night and Millie coming to tell me she fell out of the her new bed, but other than that not so bad.

Saturday she declared "I don't hike (like) my new bed anymore!" But she slept in it anyway...Well kind of, I went to check on her at about 2 and she was on the ground in the pile of pillows I strategically placed on the floor to cushion any falls.

So... Um, we'll see how it goes tonight. I was thinking about getting a bed rail but Brad seems to think she'll learn she can't roll that way soon enough. I hope she gets it soon, I am tired!
"I Hike it!"


"I hove you!"
Millie replaces her "L's" with "H's"

"Night night!"


PiccaDilly said...

She will get used to the bed a lot faster than the crying new baby!

Eliza2006 said...

I agree with mom! Sol's bed does have a bit of a rail on it...that's why he doesn't fall out. I'll take a pic of it for you...
The bed is cute and the girl in the bed is super cute!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Mila just moved to a toddler bed from her tent. it has a railing but is not sleeping as well as she did in the tent.