Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing in the NEW YEAR! Dance party!

First of all, I SUCK at dancing! I swore I would not partake in the non-sense... But I couldn't resist. By the looks of it nobody could!
These pictures kill me! I thought I might go into labor! I have not sweat that hard in about 9 months!

Lexy claims she is the best... I've never played
and I'd say I gave her a run for her money;)
(notice the scores!)

Bring it!

Gloat much Lexy?

We danced to.... I like big butts and I cannot lie! LOL!
(Appropriate song for me:)

Oh ya!

I believe this move was called the RODEO!

We were seriously HYSTERICAL!

Jake and Xander got in on the fun!
I told them I was going to sign them up for a hip hop class instead of baseball and football!
They were pretty good!

Millie and Solomon LOVED it and did not want to give anybody else a turn!
And I seriously need to start Millie in Dance! She has recently become obsessed!

As you can see in this picture.. Millie did not want Xander and I to have a turn!

Lexy and Jake! Nice moves guys!

Even Brad and Logan!

The sole purpose of this picture is to look at what in the world Millie is doing in the background!!??
I about fell out of my chair laughing so hard when I looked at this and every time after!!



Eliza2006 said...

Millie is killing me in that pic! How is that possible. Also, I snorted when I read that you and Savannah were HISTORICAL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I look so gross, but I love these!! And Millie's is making me LOL. I am so nasty though!


Single Women Adopting Children said...

that picture of Millie is cracking me up. She is such a funny girl!