Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well if you haven't heard already...... I am pregnant! Yes, we were trying, and we are very excited! Someone should have told me the 2nd time around would be a WHOLE different experience. I am barely moving past my 1st trimester and already I have gained 15 pounds. That did not happen with Jake, of course I was a little chunkier when I got pregnant with Jake then I was with this one, but COME ON.... 15 POUNDS?? Oh well, I guess your body does what it is supposed to do! Also I did not show with Jake until I was about 4 1/2- 5 months pregnant, I remember my clothes getting tight at about that stage... Well not this time around.. I think my clothes were tight before I peed on the stick! I am Already popping out and was right from the beginning... Ya know? Right at the point that people are wondering if it is a food baby or in fact a real one?? It is a struggle each and every day for me to get dressed, I sit in front of my closet and wonder what in the world I will wear today, I already have 2 pairs of maternity shorts I am rotating between, its a good thing shirt styles are longer and flowier then they use to be! A lot of things feel a lot different this time around! I am just enjoying the new ride! Hey at least I do not get the least bit sick with my pregnancies!
And yes, my boobs are huge as well, something that did not happen the first time around. Looks like I have 2 prego bumps!


Romeril Family said...

YAY, I can't wait to see that little babe. Speaking of babes, you are one cute preggy lady!
I hope you can come and visit me, I would love to get to do some fun things with you (more than last time when I was too painfully largely pregnant), hopefully Chad won't mind being recruited as the designated babysitter for a few days ;0)

Lisa and Tate said...

Congrats!!!! What fun news! Just saw your comment on my blog, i will email soon.

-Jamie said...

Tabby, that is quite the bump for 12 weeks. Hmmmmm. More than one in there? Keep taking pics, its fun to see the progression.

I am sooooo jealous you don't get nauseaus. There is not a word in the world that adequately describes my nausea.


Todd Knudsen said...

Congrats, Tab!!! I'm so excited for you!! But at least you've got a nice rack to go with the belly !!