Monday, August 25, 2008

Our weekend project

I am sure you all have some sort of little project around the house that never seems to get finished! We talk about it every week and know it will take little time and money but for one reason or another months pass with no accomplishments. So this weekend I woke up and said, "Come on, we are going to Lowe's and finishing these darn shelves!" The wonderful husband I have happily agreed and off we went. About $20 and 2 hours later mission accomplished! I can't explain why this takes so much stress away and makes me happy when I open the closet but it does!
Thanks Brad!


Katherine said...

It turned out sooo cute!

hsjulien said...

So just that small tiny piece of house I see is darling...I can only imagine what fun the rest is.

Ashlee & Christian said...

It looks awesome. Oh, I love shelves and feeling organized for at least while it stays clean and organized. I understand the putting off simple projects. We moved into our house with the walls of one of our bathrooms purple (including the back side of the door so when you shut the door all you see is purple, but mind you they left the framing white, so tacky) oh and did I mention, it is still purple. why does it take us so long to do such little tasks!