Monday, October 6, 2008

Best friends weekend!

My very best friend Allison came to visit me last weekend from Canada and we had a blast! Every time I go to blog about it I realize my camera is either with Brad or the battery is dead so I am finally getting to it.
This was a very much needed weekend at least for me, we ate our hearts out, shopped, ate some more and most important got to visit which I loved the most!
She just had a beautiful baby girl 4 months ago that I had never met, so that was so exciting for Brad, Jake and myself! It made me even more excited to have a girl, she was so much fun!
I miss Allison so much, it makes me very sad to not have her closer. We talk everyday for hours on the phone but it still sucks that she can't just come over and visit whenever she wants. Our husbands probably think we are crazy, we spent 5 days together and we talked for another hour on the phone when she called to tell me she arrived home safely! Thanks Chad and Brad for putting up with us! Here are some pics of our weekend together!
I miss you already Ally!

I made Brad take the picture 20 times, first I told him to get closer to our faces to try and cut my arms out... Then I told him to back up because my double chin was alarming... Of course Allison looked cute and normal in all of them, she had a baby 4months ago.. Can you believe that?

Jake LOVED baby Adelyn!


Romeril Family said...

Haha, you are so cute but so SILLY! You look as adorable as ever with your cute little baby belly. I had such fun, I just wish I could come again! No, I wish I lived closer like you said... But we will have to make sure to visit lots. I want to come for sure when that cute little girl arrives! I LOVE YOU LOTS!!

Romeril Family said...

By the way, I love that cooking website you sent me, I am excited to try some of the recipes! They look wonderfully fattening and delicious!

ckkg said...

hey, thanks for the nice comment on our site! i must admit i love checking your blog too! you have such an adorable family and CONGRATS on the upcoming addition! anyway, my camera is a cannon rebel xti and i do love it! it's a good one. i've also heard great things about the nikon d40's and d80's. i look forward to coming back and visiting!