Saturday, October 18, 2008


After a long time in the making... A year to be exact, of blood sweat and tears. Our website has finally launched! "MOCKSTAR BABY" I am in love with it! We have skate, surf, and snow clothing, shoes, goggles, hats etc.... But here is the great thing about it... It is all in tiny sizes that I personally have never been able to find before for Jake or for Baby gifts! We are so excited about our website!
Here is how is works, One item pops up for an amazing price, as soon as that one item has sold out a new item will pop up, and so on..... It is like a first come first serve sort of thing, a race to get that item for a smokin deal! You cannot see what you have missed so make sure to download a little icon that will pop up telling you when the deal has changed, it is called "GET THE POOP"
You can also go into the "BLOG" on our site that talks about past steals!
Don't forget to read the "CRIB CReDO" that tells all about us and this concept!
So go ahead, don't be shy, you will all LOVE it!


Romeril Family said...

So fun, great job! I am excited for you guys and hope it EXPLODES! (Tab good job for finally posting a new post!!!)

Eliza2006 said...

Cool site! I hope it takes off!