Sunday, June 14, 2009


Another rainy day....... The kids loved the wood letters I did for Millie.. So much in fact that they wanted to do some of their own!
I also let Jake and Xander make cookies all by themselves.. Not so pretty but pretty tasty!


*Jme* said...

Wow, that's really fun! Did you glue the letters together with wood glue?

And I'm impressed that they made cookies BY themselves! How do they know what everything is? Maybe I'm not trusting enough, but my girls would love it if I would let them do it ALL by themselves!

Albright's said...

Looks like they had fun!!!

Tabitha said...

Well, I got everything out and showed them how much to measure, etc... but they did a good job!

I just glued with a hot glue gun... works wonders!

Rebecca said...

You seem like you are such a fun mom! which is no surprise there was always a lot of fun with you around!

Romeril Family said...

You are a good mom. When my kids want to make cookies and messy crafts like painting I dread it like the plague because I don't feel like cleaning up a big mess after them.