Monday, June 8, 2009


Jake has been looking forward to his end of year field trip for several weeks now, they were going to a park with a huge new playground and water area. The plan was to go from 9 to noon, at 9:25 I got a call from Jake's teacher telling me Jake was hurt... My heart started to pound. She said he had slipped and fell, hit his nose, it was bleeding and that she thought Jake's nose was broken. I was in my pajama's and had just put Millie down for a nap, I quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed her out of her bed, and drove down to get him.
I got there and his teacher was holding him on a blanket with an ice-pack on his face, he looked delirious. I gathered him and his things and left for the hospital. I called his doctor to see what I should do and her nurse told me to come see them first so they could look at him first and then decide what to do. I got there and waited and waited, Jake kept falling asleep and snoring. I was starting to get more and more worried, every time I asked him something he said "I don't remember."
After we had spent an hour waiting the doctor finally came in and asked what happened, we told her and she was like "you need to go to the hospital now." She said that anytime there is a head trauma like that you need to head to the hospital. Would have been nice to know before we waited that long:(
So we immediately went over to primary children's hospital. Oooohhhh boy, the hospital might have been scarier then his nose. They made us sanitize our hands and wear masks to even enter.
Anyways, the doctor said she wanted to watch him for a little while because she said he had a concussion on top of the nose issue and he kept complaining that his stomach hurt so she wanted him to drink some fluids and make sure he could keep them down. She did not think his nose was broken but it is really swollen still so tomorrow when the swelling has gone down we will need to look at it again to make sure. Poor Jake. By this time it was 3:00 and the poor boy had not eaten since breakfast. I told him we could stop and get whatever he wanted, he chose sushi. So we got hotel for dogs and sushi and we are going to take the rest of the day and night easy.
I must say... Seeing all of those sick kids and primary children's makes you thank your lucky stars for healthy happy kids. So very sad.


Romeril Family said...

Oh no!!! that poor boy! I hope he is okay. I will call you soon. I'm sorry we keep missing eachother. I hope you had a good birthday!

Eliza2006 said...

Poor guy. I want to see pics of his nose. I guess I'll see him tomorrow in person!

Katherine said...

poor kid! let's take the kids down another day sometime soon to play. that would be fun!

Ashlee & Christian said...

oh man, that is a bummer. I hope he gets feeling better soon, man even just little bonks to noses hurt SO bad!

Kari Badell said...

Poor guy! He missed his activity and had to go to the hospital! Hope he's doing better and PLEASE let us know if there's anything you need.

Briana Noelle said...

aww poor jakey! hope he feels better. he wants sushi...haha that is too cute!