Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big girl car seat!

I ran across this phenomenal deal the other day that I could not pass up. It was a Britax car seat that retails for over $300 for $134 + free shipping. They are discontinuing the print which I happen to think is adorable! Millie likes it as well I might add! Big girl car seat, here she comes!

Millie is also teething.. She is getting her 2 big top teeth...Thus the teething tablets she is holding:)


Single Women Adopting Children said...

We are just getting ready to move to the big girl car seat....Mila still fits in the weight but I think her length means it's time to go. Plus mama's back is hurting with carrying the baby seat:)

I love the print too!

Nicole said...

I remember when I put Toby in his big seat and he looked so little in it and now he looks HUGE! *tears* Time is going by too fast...!

Lisa and Tate said...

She looks so great in that car seat! Great bargain AND love the print! I need you to show me how to do these pictures layouts!