Sunday, March 7, 2010

Millie is one!

Millie is one! I cannot believe it has been one full year since her beautiful little face entered our world! Bring on the bullets!

  • Millie's stat were: ***18.9 lbs. (25th %)*** and *** 27 3/4 tall (50-75th %)***
  • Millie is so much fun. she is so full of personality and energy. She rarely makes any noise, she just walks around exploring! She is a joy to the whole family! She knows when we are laughing at her which encourages her to keep doing whatever it is she is doing because now she has an audience!
  • Millie loves animals! But especially dogs! We got a membership to the zoo so we can have some serious fun this spring/summer!
  • Millie knows about 20 ASL signs! It has been so fun/neat to see how fast she picks them up! It seems like she learns a new one every other day! Here are the signs she knows: All done, ball, balloon, baby, bath, banana, bird, dog, dad, drink, eat, giraffe, hat, help, light, more, milk, shoe, signing time, train, and want. She laughs when I sign "no, no"
  • Millie has recently started letting us know when she does not agree with something with screaming and tantrums. They are cute to us... Ask me that same question in a few months:)
  • Millie loves her daddy! She signs dad all day long and looks at the door anticipating his arrival!
  • Millie loves to be outside and dives for the door when we get anywhere near it.
  • Millie hates getting her diaper or clothes changed. She does not like to be confined for any amount of time.. She is t00 busy.
  • Millie WILL NOT cuddle. Brad is very sad about this. She does not sit still and never has since she was about a month old.
  • Millie loves her family! She loves to play hide and seek with the boys and thinks they are so funny!
  • Millie loves books! Her favorite is: Goodnight Gorilla. I think it's boring, but she loves it! Probably because of the animals!
  • Millie loves babies and wants to carry around her little dolls, stuffed animals or Jake's guys! when I say "ohhhh, you love your baby!?" she hugs it and rocks whatever she has!
  • Millie loves to be out and about! She walks/runs everywhere now! Mommy thinks it is hard to be out and about now because Millie does not like to sit in the cart and would rather be exploring.
  • Millie loves to dance! Anytime music is on she bops and bounces to the beat!
  • Millie has 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on bottom.
  • Millie loves to eat. She loves almost everything I put in her mouth!
  • Millie still nurses several times a day and we are in no hurry to stop anytime soon.

Bring on the pictures!!!


Eliza2006 said...

Fun post! Cute pics! Love that girl!

Nicole said...

It turned out so cute! How you and Brad created such a cutie is beyond me...;) LOL! You know I LOVE you!!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Oh- I love getting the updates....Mila and Millie are alike in many ways (including the no cuddling and loving to be outside). Mila has no interest in sign and I've been working on it for months.

We'll have to do the zoo this summer - we are very flexible in the summer.:)

You sure have a cute girl there - love the b-day pictures and you throw a great party!