Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Canada!

I just returned home from a wonderful trip to see my BEST friend in Canada! It is SO nice to see each other and visit but I really wish we were closer!! It was also MUCH cooler weather than Utah which was nice to get away from the heat for a few days!

It was also Millie's first trip and first plane ride so I took A LOT of pictures!

We had a blast! Allison's kids are SO cute and grow TOO much each time we go without seeing each other for so long, which is unfortunately only about once a year... This year we will be lucky enough to see each other twice...Can't wait!

We talked, shopped, ate, talked, and ate some more!!

We don't have to do much to have fun! She is the kind of friend I can sit on the couch with and talk for hours about nothing and everything!! Love those kind of friends!!

Love you and miss you already Romeril family! Thanks for sharing your wife with me Chad.. And Brielle, thanks for letting me play with your mom!(for some reason every time we are together we forget to take a picture of just us... Dang it!)

But it's nice to be home!! Until next time!!

Millie RUNNING through the airport!
Our airplane!
We got to walk out to the runway to board our plane.. It was a little plane.
Millie's first airplane ride!
Enjoying the snacks and drinks!
Looking at the little world below!
The I-pod was a life saver!
Millie and Addy thought that Colm would want a few nuts and raisins!
This picture cracks me up! look at the trail mix surrounding him and on his chest...He looks really happy about it!
Millie loading him up with more!
Little Diva babies!
doing a little side walk chalk art!
Brielle showing off her tricks!
Addy LOVED my hair!! She must have brushed and touched it 150 times a day!
She would stroke it any chance she got.. And if Brielle would get near it (because she loved it as well) Addy would YELL and her and push her away!
A little driving!
Best buddies!
The group minus Jake.. Brielle was wishing he would have come! (next time)
The little princess!
Lover girls!
Playing a little slap game!!
Taking a kissing break!
The babies really LOVED each other!!!
Brielle thought it was so neat that Millie could sign....She sat with my sign book and read, and read.. She actually memorized a lot of signs!
Pretty sure they were dreaming of being outside!

All things must come to an end... If anyone needs a good distraction this is it!!

Millie must have buckled and unbuckled the seat belt 100 times! Good this an extra seat was open!

Checking things out!
At this point she was 8 hours into the day with NO nap! She looks SO tired! Poor girl!
Love this picture!!! Look at the man in the background!! He was actually SO nice and played with Millie the whole ride.. Well most of it anyways!!


Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Oh Millie! Those airplane cookies are my absolute fav! Tabby! You're hair is so gorgeous and long! Loved catching up :)

Nicole said...

Looke like fun! Glad you got to go!

Romeril Family said...

Oh I LOVE you! I was just sitting here thinking, I wonder if Tabby blogged yet and you did it YESTERDAY! You are really on the ball! I am mad at myself for forgetting to take one of us together. I need to do a blog post too, but the post I will do when I come visit you will be much more exciting--I'm sorry that we live in a place where Walmart is the big thrill. LOL. I am so glad you came though, you girls are the cutest!!!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

So cute! Mila loves to travel!

Isn't it fun to hang with friends?