Friday, August 6, 2010

Our office

Ok so this is our office... It is VERY cluttered, it really is organized as best I can but it is definitely an "organized mess!" We have this nice big red filing cabinet that would help but it was in storage and weighed like a million pounds so it just wasn't very convenient to go grab it without a lot of manly help!
So we wrangled a few of our friends to help!! I have been waiting for this day for 3 years! I'm not sure how a filing cabinet can make me feel so happy but it does and now I have a mission........ ORGANIZE our "OFFICE" this weekend!
As you can see, right now we have all of our personal information and files in Tupperware bins under the tables... It makes me mad each time I walk into the office. I am VERY much a clean/organized freak so it gives me anxiety.
I am posting pictures in hopes that if I am feeling like I want to stop and get to it later, or change my mind half way through this mess that I will be VERY embarrassed that I posted pictures of this pig hole!
Updated clean office pictures to follow!!!

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Single Women Adopting Children said...

you are the master organizer! I am jealous of your talent! You have helped me out a lot!

I'd like to see the post pictures:)