Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our family Christmas party!

Tiffany started a new fun tradition a few years ago.
We go to dinner with the whole family and exchange gifts for the names we drew for Christmas gifts.
It is very fun to be together with everyone... And she pays... Which is probably expensive but such a nice gift to have some fun family time/memories together and nobody has to clean up when it's over!
Then we go stroll temple square to see the lights and things. Millie loved the Nativity.
Millie opening her gift with a little help from Eliza.

Brad loving his new scarf!
Lex and her gift!

Tiff with her gift!
Savannah's gift!(by me, I am pretty proud:)
Table one!
Cute Lex and Cute Millie... Thanks for making the picture scary Spenc!
Some of the family. The others got lost.
Thanks Tiff for the fun memories!


Alexa Noel said...

I look at that pic with spence in the background, laugh and think to myself, well at least he fits right in... I don't think our family can ever get a normal pic without someone jumping in the background making faces...

Tabitha said...

Yes, no kidding... Look in the background of most of them.. You will see some fun things in other ones as well!

PiccaDilly said...

Looks like some of us had one too many.

PiccaDilly said...
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PiccaDilly said...

And when did LuAnn take up smoking?

Eliza2006 said...

I don't know what everyone is talking about. Those pics are GREAT! LOL! Yes, the one of Lu smoking is VERY funny! It really is a fun little tradition!