Thursday, January 6, 2011


It is with GREAT pleasure I present to you.........THE QUIET BOOK!
Seriously this was started 1.5 years ago. Not that it took that long to actually do, but I got sick of it and didn't finish. I also was rushing like a mad woman to give one to my sister LAST Christmas that I finished hers and not mine. I may as well given her 1 million dollars as her gift instead because that's how much I feel it's worth.
I cannot begin to tell you how much time and effort we put into making these. And while at the cabin this Christmas we cut out some more for extra pages, which will not take as much time as putting the actual book together!
Thanks Katherine for working your guts out with me on this!
Millie is now at a great age for this... She LOVED it on our ride home! She still needs a little help but gets the main idea!

Matching colors!(Velcro)

Buckle the dog's collar -- Red, green, and yellow matching.(Velcro)

Weaving-- feed the elephant by pulling it's tail(eats the peanuts)

Make a hen(Velcro)-- pick apple off the tree to put them in the basket(snaps)

Unlock the treasure chest--Hang up the clothes from the clothes basket.(notice the blankie matches Millie's:)

Button the flowers on--Try on the ring!
Braid the lions tail --Write a letter and put it in the mailbox!

Make a flower(Velcro)-- Match shapes(Velcro)

Noah's ark! Boat has a zipper and you take the animals out to play with, 2x2 of course!

More fun pages to come! I am really excited about the new stuff we did! We are getting pretty serious! 


leigh said...

I LOVE it! I need to make one for Luke.

PiccaDilly said...

Wow...a lot of work went into that!

Anonymous said...

That is seriously so cute! It is obvious that you spent a lot of time of it. Now I want to make one for Teagon, he is also at the age that he would enjoy it!

Romeril Family said...

Love it, you are one talented lady!!!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Love it! I want one:)

Nicole said...

HOLY CRAP!! Couldn't you just go on Amazon and find something similar?.... ;)

Crystal said...

That is so great! I have the desire to do this, we'll see if I have the follow through ;)