Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween costume!

Can I just tell everyone how much I LOVE Halloween and the fall!! I can not even stand it! I love the cooler temps, the leaves, and the smell in the air! I love to decorate and I do it the day my little calender says it's the first day of fall.
Jake wanted to be a skeleton this year for Halloween, I was not even looking for a costume when I stumbled on this beauty! I have a little store I am keeping a secret and oh boy do I strike gold often... maybe even a little too often, anyways I walked in and to my surprise the perfect skeleton costume in Jake's size was waiting there for me!! It is a pottery barn costume made out of fleece super thick, zips up the back, so cute and so warm for the chilly night for only $14.99 I came home and looked in my pottery barn magazine that I have and saw it for $59.99! Oh the things that make my day brighter, I love good deals!!

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hsjulien said...

hmmm a secret store...I'm thinking of ways to fish it out of you...it's probably in SLC, so not much use to me!