Tuesday, September 9, 2008


With a face like this.... What's not to love?

The other day at back to school night Jamie's mom came up to me and told me that her daughter had come home from school that day and informed her that she had been looking for a nice boy her whole life (all 6 years) and finally found one and it happened to be Jake, we got a good little laugh out of that!
Then Jake came home from school today and told me they talked about what a friend is and what kind of friend you should be. They were instructed to pair up with someone they didn't know and do some sort of get to know you... He then told me that he paired up with a girl named Kaiya and now they are really good friends. After the lesson she informed him that she wanted to marry him when they were older! He then said this; " There are just too many girls to choose from now, there is Jamie, Migs, (who he has loved since kindergarten) Sophia and now Kaiya" I laughed and said "oh Jakey, you don't need to worry about that right now, you are only a little boy. He said " I know mom, that's only when I get older!" WOW I was not aware this would all start in 1st grade? But then again I remember playing kissing tag at that age... Oh boy, make it stop!

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-Jamie said...

Oh my gosh, I know! Jordyn is always talking about her boyfriends and who she is going to marry! Sometimes it worries me that it will only keep getting more intense from here on out!!!