Monday, November 17, 2008


Does anyone Else's child come home EVERY SINGLE DAY with clothes looking like this?? I have seriously considered buying only black for Jake lately. Does anyone have any stain tips?? REALLY... Nearly all of his clothes are stained and ruined the first time he wears them.

I ask him what he is doing and he tells me playing sports at recess and after school... How can I get mad at a boy for doing boy things?? Oh well... Your laundry secrets welcome!


Buz said...

Oxy Clean!!! It really really works. You can use it as your laundry detergent, as a pre-wash, or soak his clothes in it before you put them in the laundry. If the stains are serious they may need to soak a day, but you'll be amazed how clean they come out. Good for whites and colors just the same!

Buz said...

This is katherine by the way!

Anonymous said...

Fill up the washer with bleach and water, let it agitate for a minute or two and then add clothes...even colored clothes. I've only had a couple of causalities, but I figured they were ruined already.