Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tomorrow MOCKSTAR BABY is selling the cutest nativity set that I have seen in a long time! They will be on for one day only(Thanksgiving day), you will definitely want to check them out!
Fisher Price has similar ones available but I like Mockstar's version way better and they are a better price for sure! Only $15.00... Another great thing about them is that they are compatible with all of your Fisher Price play sets.
I love that this set allows baby Jesus to come out of the manger... I remember always wishing the baby Jesus would come out with all of my mom's nativity sets.
Super cute nativity for your kids at Christmas and you will not have to worry about your fragile nativity being broke.
(In addition, if you order one of these sets tomorrow and type TABBY in the "shipping instructions" box, they will ship it to you for free!!!)
My gift to you!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Saint Julien's said...

k i just checked out your mom's sight she's awesome. AND holy cow your little baby bro's and sisters are ALLLL grown up I can't stand it!!!! I really need to see them. Maybe over Christmas you come down and I'll come with you down to see your mom and fam. okay? okay! AND I can't even believe how much Dylan looks like Jakes TWIN!! HOW does that happen it's too crazzzzzy. Love you