Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Jake came home from school today with a piece of paper on his shirt that said " I voted." He then asked, "Mommy, who did you vote for?" I didn't vote, so I asked him what his sticker meant... He then told me that there are 2 people who are trying to be president and he voted for "McCain, Not Roccobama." I do not know why but I got a lot of humor out of my 6 year old telling me what was going on in the world. I have been really impressed with his teachers teaching methods and I think she is doing a phenomenal job with the kids! Then he told me how the election results would be on and wondered if he could stay up longer to watch who wins? The funny thing about Jake is that I am pretty sure he knows nothing about any of this.. It is simply because he chose someone he wanted to win and due to his competitive nature he just wanted his team to win. The other funny thing to me is that Brad and I really have never had a political discussion in front of Jake, so it is funny that he decided on his own who he thought the best candidate would be.... Then he told me they were talking about who everyone voted for at recess and some kid came up to him and tackled him to the ground for choosing McCain... Little brat(But don't worry Jake said he fought back and made the kid cry) ... Just something funny to think about!
BTW Jake was really upset with the results. lol


Alexa Noel said...

haha that is so cute! tell Jake I am not happy with the resulst either

PiccaDilly said...

Tell Jake that gramma voted for McCain too and tell him that gramma wasn't happy with the results either!

Lexy, has dyslexia.

Romeril Family said...

LOL. Both your Lexy and your mom's comments are funny. Jake is so funny and cute, it's amazing what they say sometimes at this age! Yeah I fear for the USA lots now, I have to agree!