Monday, December 29, 2008


The kids and Dad started the day out with a little sledding. (Jake and Xander after a run.)

Jake going off of a huge jump!

Xander going off the same big jump!

After some hot chocolate and a movie we decorated gingerbread houses!

The boys!
We have never done the Christmas Eve pajama tradition before, and I love the idea! So we decided to start a new little tradition this year with a little twist... I have heard of people doing a movie and pajamas but I thought it would promote more family time to get a game instead! I had a little idea to make it from "Santa's Elves" put it on the doorstep and ring the door bell.
We wrapped the pajamas and game and I ran out and put them on the doorstep while the kids and Brad were playing a different game. Our house has two doors, and the back doorbell rings through to the front.(kind of annoying because I never know what door to go answer.) But for this it worked out PERFECTLY! I was in the kitchen baking cinnamon rolls while everyone was in the living room playing games, I reached out the back door and pushed the doorbell, the kids ran to the front, We have a little glass in the front door so you can see of someone is standing there.... Jake saw nobody so he ran to the back... He was like what the heck? I told him maybe it was too dark so he didn't see anyone and to go check again. They all ran to the front and opened the door to find a gift for each of them and one for the family! I have never seen Jake so Excited! They all tore into their pajamas and immediately asked if they could put them on?! Next they opened the game and all squealed because they had been wanting this game! After they changed into their pajamas Jake informed me that he knows they are from the elves because his pajamas smell like little elves!! And he knew why he didn't see anyone at the front door.... Elves are little ya know and they were smaller then where the glass was!!

Monopoly jr.
Let the games begin!


Eliza2006 said...

I LOVE the elf idea! I'm going to do that next year for sure! I love all the can see the excitement in the kids' eyes!


Lisa and Tate said...

What a fun family tradition!!! Love how sneaky the elves can be this time of year!

Romeril Family said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! What a great idea, I'm sure they were thrilled!!!