Monday, November 30, 2009

9 months.

Little miss Millie is 9 months already.
These are her 9 month stats:
Weight: 17.3 lbs (20%)
Height: 26.5 inches (25%)

  • Millie Loves food and water! She likes whatever anyone is eating around her but her favorites are yogurt, crackers, fruit, Cheerios, cafe rio and ice:) She opens her mouth like a little baby bird anytime she wants something out of your mouth especially ice?!
  • Millie can stand and take 2 steps! She holds on to the couch and dives into the love sac while stepping and laughing. She is so determined! She will take a step or two if I put my arms out to her!
  • She loves to walk along furniture and crawl everywhere.

  • She loves phones, remotes, and camera's. She will take those over toys any day! I tried taking my phone away from her the other day and she started throwing a little tantrum.
  • She says mama ma ma, and dada da da, and I even think she knows what it means!

  • She can sign water and all done!
  • She tries to climb on and up everything. Loves to climb on the dishwasher.
  • Millie loves Jake and follows him around the house. He also loves her!
  • Millie still thinks it's fun to get up to eat at night... I think I will use my earplugs tonight.
  • She just started waving "bye bye."
  • Millie loves to sing! When I sing a tune she laughs and then sings the same tune!

  • Millie fake coughs, whenever you cough she thinks it's so funny and then copies it.

  • She blinks her eyes over and over because we all laugh which encourages her.

  • She is fascinated with animals, her eyes don't move when they are in sight.

  • I cannot keep socks on her! She pulls them off and flings them over the side of her crib. Every time without fail she is sockless when I get her from naps. She also takes them off while playing and then crawls around with the sock in her mouth. So funny!

Millie is such a determined little girl! She is so easy going and fun! She lets you know she's there but rarely cries. She is very, very busy and I'm sure that's why she is such a little peanut!
She is so funny! It has been so fun to see her little personality emerge! She laughs and smiles constantly!

We love our little Millie!


Romeril Family said...

I love Millie too! By the way, I have been trying to call you for the past few days but you never answer! Call me soon!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Love the updates! She is beautiful! Mila doesn't like her socks on either- takes them off and eats them. Her feet are freezing but she doesn't care. Have to get the girls together for a playdate:)

Rebecca said...

She sounds like she takes after her MOM!

Lisa and Tate said...

Adorable cute littel girl! She will walk before 15 month old Tate, I am sure!