Sunday, November 8, 2009


Happy Halloween a little late! We had the whole crew this Halloween and we had a blast! We started out on Friday with Jake's school carnival, then went to dinner at the spaghetti factory. Saturday afternoon we went to the Discovery Gateway kids museum for all of their fun festivities! Mask making, pumpkin painting, face painting, trick or treat bag making, and the balloon lady! Brad was a champ to stand in line for 40 min while the kids played, what a good daddy! Then that night we went around our neighborhood and hit the jack pot! Tons of big, yummy treats! Kenna went with one of her friends because she is "old" now:) Everyone said they had a great Halloween!
Treat bag making!
Balloon making! The boys chose dragons, Kenna got a flower.
Brad waiting in line so the kids could get dragons and flowers!

The puppy watching the balloon lady! She was very interested!
Kenna/Alice in wonderland!

Playing at the museum!
Xander getting his loot!
Millie would not leave the boys alone until she got some candy!

MMMMMmmmmm, Junior mints!

Jake talked Xander into combining all of the candy so he could "organize it" and being the very passive boy that Xander is, he agreed.

I hope I do not have an obsessive boy on my hands... I am pretty sure I do! After all of the candy was "organized" they split it up evenly and even gave some to brad and I!
Millie was loving the piles!
Every time Millie smells something yummy on your breath, she attacks your mouth for a little nibble... Kind of like a baby bird! Funny little girl!


Romeril Family said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun, so cute!

Lisa and Tate said...

Too funny... sucking the sweet right off your face!