Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little visit from Allison!

My dear friend Allison and I try to get together as often as we can, but that usually only ends up being once a year or so. She lives in Canada and I am here so we don't live all that close. We have both had babies recently and now she is expecting again! I hope we will still be able to manage our yearly visit:) I miss her terribly when we are apart. We talk on the phone almost every day! BUT......We had a blast. My dear husband watched the kids a lot so we could eat, play, and shop! It was so nice to visit and hang out in person! I miss you already Ally & Ady
Eating! Allison Loves Cafe Rio! Who doesn't? She had to get her fix, so we ate there I think 3 times!! I wish I could mail it to her! Our babies also loved it!
Fun at my mom's house! The babies all LOVE my little sister Lexy! Adelyn fit right in!

Bath time with Millie and Ady!
My little sister Lexy watched our babes so we could go out! Allison and I went to Gardner village for the little dinner theater they put on for Halloween! Loved hanging out!
Shopping trips! For the most part our kids cooperated!
Millie and Adelyn loved playing together! Adelyn was so sweet and gentle with Millie!

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Romeril Family said...

Those are such cute pictures! And you just had to post the picture of the Cafe Rio food--now I want it so bad!
I love you and miss you lots!