Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday fun!

This year I turned 29(scared for next year!) I told Brad I refused to celebrate my 30's so I needed to exit my 20's with a BANG! My husband is the best husband EVER!
Brad got Imogen heap! to come to his work for my birthday!
It was so nice to get dressed up, go out with good friends, listen to good music, and relax with NO kids!
Something I have not done in quite some time!

I saw David there and asked for a photo and he acted so weird... I think I scared him... Poor boy, he better get used to it!

We needed a bigger couch!



She really was amazing! Maybe even better live!! But WHEeeeeeewwee did she have some STINKY pits!


Nicole said...

LOVE it!! It was SO much fun and Brad really outdid himself...Glad you had a good birthday! LOVE YOU!!

St. Julien's said...

HOLY cowabunga! So What? it was a special show for you? and david archaletta was there too? Brad's got some swell hook ups eh? Happy birthday tabitha patrice. I hear ya on the 29 year old bizzzness. it is surreal!! I can't be 30 there is just no way that will really happen!!! just yesterday we were mooning people out the car window. 30 year olds NEVER did stuff like that!!! sheesh! we need to talk

Single Women Adopting Children said...

What? My 30th b-day was the best ever. You can borrow my acid washed jean jumpsuit if you want....we had an 80's theme (of course- you are much younger than me so that wasn't your era).

Wow- big b-day! So glad you had fun! Us moms don't get out (heck- I don't even get dressed most days beyond sporty outfits) --good for you!