Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers day!

I really am a lucky girl! Brad is one of the best daddies our kids could ask for! He is calm, he has SOO much patience, he is smart, he is nice!, he is fun and funny, he loves kids especially his own, he works hard, and he is handsome! I appreciate that last one probably more then the kids do:)
I could go on and on about how lucky we are and how in love with him I am, but I will keep it short so I can show you his gift!!!
Brad has talked about wanting this motorcycle as long as i've known him! I have been waiting, saving, and looking for the right deal and finially found this gem!
Low miles, low price, perfect condition! Ohh I love KSL! We will actually make money when we seel it!!
Brad was so excited he really was speechless!! He kept saying how he did not deserve it, but I know he does!!
I love you Brad! Her she is!! I put some new brakes, oil and filter in the gift bag to open.... He looked up at me like what is this?? Then I led him out to the garage......
Millie loves it! She learned motorcycle in sign!
Checking things out!


St. Julien's said...

You are WAY too cool!! I hope Brad knows how lucky he is. You are putting all of us to shame Tabs, Dave got a lawn mower and its only bc ours broke down yesterday so he went shopping and called to see if he could buy one that was a little more expensive than we planned and I said SURE happy Fathers DAY!! am I cool or WHAT!?

leigh said...

You are way cool. I always tell Dan he can never get a motorcycle.

BradleyTee said...

wow...I am a little embarrassed I didn't have more to say...I mean I still can't believe it! Are you serious Tab??? I still keep thinking I will wake up and it won't be cool is my wife??

Single Women Adopting Children said...

You are the best wife ever! When can I drive it?

Jennica said...

Um that is pretty stinkin impressive that you bought it, and kept it a surprise. I love gifts like this! You rock!