Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fairy tea party!

We were invited to a fairy tea party this weekend, we went and had a blast!
My friends sister does this every year for her girls! They have a couple of different stations with activities and crafts coupled with drinks and dessert!
This time she had wand making, bow making, and jewelry making. I was thinking Millie might be too young but she was actually quite entertained!
And for the tea... Cute decorated cupcakes in the shape of a tea cup!

Solomon and Millie going in for a kiss! Love that my sister and I have kids the same age!
Eliza and Millie playing in the miniature house!
Knock, knock!
Millie thinks Eliza is really funny!
Millie in awe of the older fairy's!
Checking the fairy doll out!
Taking a break for a drink!
Abra cadabra!
My sis and our kiddies!
The jewelry station

Millie's new bracelet!

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