Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's ride daddy!

Millie LOVES motorcycles! Every time she hears one she gasps and signs it!
Brad strapped her up in the carrier and took her for a very slow, fun ride!
After the engine was started and she was committed she started to get a Little worried!
She was reaching for me and looked a little panicked...
But not for long, as soon as Brad took off she was on board all the way!!
This is her reaching for more motorcycle after they were done and it was put away!
 And here she is LOVING it! She wanted more and more and was ecstatic the whole ride down our little non busy street! Don't worry we were safe:)

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Lisa and Tate said...

Hey BFF...

so stinkin cute!!! do you think brad can take tate on a ride too??? she would love it!