Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Millie's new development!

She LOVES chewing gum!!

She will actually chew it for a long time and most of the time
she will throw it away or give it to me when she is through with it!

On a side note my mom thinks Millie look like Cindy Lou hoo
and has called her that from time to time.
I was at Dillard's yesterday and found this shirt fir $2.99 so
I had to pick it up!

Turns out she LOVES it and all day she has been looking down , laughing,  
and pointing to her features!

Loving her new table as well!


PiccaDilly said...

Love that Cindy Lou Hoo! Funny! Love the scowl-face!

Nicole said...

She is looking so big and I can't believe how much hair she's getting! You need to get your butt down here!!

Romeril Family said...

That is PERFECT!! Just like Brielle's "Little Miss Trouble" shirt! :0)

Anonymous said...

How funny Cindy Lou Hoo!! So adorable. I love the gum chewing. Myles was the same way! Still to this day he loves it.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

She does sort of look like Cindy! Cute! Gum- really? my girl still chokes on lots of stuff so it may be awhile (of course she stuffs her mouth full of things then chokes).