Monday, November 1, 2010

20 months!

I have not been updating on Millie like I should.. I have been slacking a little, I have not even taken her to her 18 month appointment yet:)

Here are a few things before I forget!

  • Millie repeats EVERYTHING! Whatever word I end with she repeats. So cute!
  • She LOVES Popsicles and gum! She asks for them a million times a day!
  • Possiple = Popsicle...She sounds so stinking cute when she says " I wanna a possiple"
  • Millie has been doing a little hitting lately. Not sure what to do about this?? Suggestions? She looks right at you and open hand slaps everyone... Errr... Kind of frustrating!
  • She loves to play outside!
  • She Loves her daddy very much, and asks for him all day!
  • She loves her baba(bottle) and tells me 20 times a day "I want baba!"
  • She is a VERY independent, determined,  sassy little girl!
  • She LOVES orange juice like her daddy!
  • Millie loves sesame street, signing time, and little people.
  • She also LOVES candy! She tells me several times a day that she would like some candy! I swore I would not feed my kids candy.... But I can't say no to the cute girl, she loves it!
  • She is a little peanut! Not sure how much she weighs... We have an appointment next week. I would be shocked if it was more than about 20 lbs
  • Millie has 11 teeth (4 molars) the rest in front. (4 on top) (3 on bottom)
  • Millie loves to draw. She made my leather reading chair really pretty the other day with a pen! I can't get it out.
  • Millie's hair it getting very long. It is past her shoulders and has a little curl to it.
  • Millie LOVES the playground. She can go down the slides by herself. She also loves to swing.
  • Whatever we are trying to help her with she can do by HERSELF. She does not like when we break things in half or give her bites.. She prefers having it all and doing it on her own.
  • Millie sleeps really well for the most part. She goes to sleep between 8-9 and sleeps until 10 ish in the morning. She takes one 3 hour nap and sometimes a shorter one in the afternoon if she needs it.
  • She goes to her potty to poop.. While wearing her diaper and clothes... But at least she gets the idea. She will also bring me her baby with a diaper and wants the baby changed when she is poopy!
  • Millie loves to dance! Maybe dancing class is in her near future!?!
  • Millie likes to take pictures of everyone.. She says "hey, hey" while holding the camera is picture taking position!
  • She has recently found some sort of new LOVE for the bath.
  • Millie is very coordinated and can throw things really far!
  • Millie LOVES to say prayers... She folds her arms and bows her head and says AMEN!
  • She Loves her family and my little brothers and sisters!
  • Millie is such a little ball of energy and we just can't get enough of her!!
 It scares me that she is almost 2!


Katherine said...

she's starting to look like her daddy! i haven't seen you forever, and i owe you $6! can we come visit maybe next week?

Nicole said...

Blows my mind that she's almost two!! What a sweetie!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Great updates! I cannot believe how long she sleeps in .....i would love that schedule! Mila gets up at 6:00 am but does go to sleep at 6:30 pm.

I am sad our girls will be 2 soon....too quick!

Your girl is so adorable! Can't wait to see you on T-day at Tiff's