Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A visit to the dentist!

First of all, let me give a shout out to Dr. Sorensen!! Oh how I love you and your staff/office!! Seriously, GO TO HIM FOR YOUR KIDS!! He has Everything to make the kids LOVE going! His office is so clean and fun, you get a coin to get a toy after, there are flat screens and games on the ceiling, it's decorated like a barn yard and has a talking cow with a train that goes around and around! Even Millie was impressed! It is worth the drive if you do not live close!
X-rays in the cow chair!

Xander's turn!

Millie was VERY interested in what was going on,
but keeping her distance!
Jake's turn!

These little guys are set up all over the office to help practice brushing!

Millie playing with the train set, waiting for her turn!
The View!

Checking her bite to make sure
her finger sucking is not causing problems.

Millie's turn! She was not moving at
all, just crying with her mouth wide open!



Nicole said...

So when do you start taking them to the dentist because I have never even taken Toby in yet...

Tabitha said...

Some say when they get their first set of teeth... They didn't clean them or anything... Just looked! I would say he is due and probably even old enough to get a cleaning and x-rays! call them! Click on the link, it's in SF!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Ok- so I need to take Mila to the dentist. Where is he located? If he takes my insurance we will likely go.