Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There is nothing better than putting up your Christmas decorations while it is a blizzard outside and your fire is lit! Aaahhh! Love it!

Love my little village!

And our Nativity!

Bradley putting the tree up and the lights on!
Millie thought it was so much fun
hanging ornament's!
The fire!

Millie still going strong, even after a bath and jammies!



Katherine said...

those piggies make her look like such a big girl! they're so cute!

PiccaDilly said...

Brad makes the tree look so small and then you see the tree next to Millie.....funny!

Tabitha said...

Well he is on a stool! Lol! I looked at the picture and it does look like a little tree with him next to it! it's 8.5 feet!