Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LAGOON part 1

We went to lagoon the other day! I can honestly say that I have not been to lagoon since I was about 16.
I have put it off for a long time on purpose!

 Jake ALWAYS wants to go but I feel like it is totally white trash and I didn't really want to go spend any amount of time there.

I must say I was actually surprised at how fun and NON-CROWDED it was! We didn't wait in line at all. The bigger rides for the boys and Brad were only about a 5-10 min wait!

It helped that we went on a Tuesday in the middle of the day! We will totally go again!
Millie loved the rides!

Jake, Eliza, & Solomon.

Xander crammed himself into this ride so Millie would not have to ride alone!

Millie loved this ride for some reason!
She wanted to go again, and again!

Millie and Sollie

LOL, LOL, LOL!! Please blow this photo up and look at my
darling sister and her friend SMASHING poor LITTLE Sollie's HEAD with THEIR elbows!!

The kid crew!


Spencer and Alexa Nielson said...

How fun!! I can't believe you didn't invite me!

Eliza2006 said...

that pic is KILLING ME!