Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LAGOON part 3 (face painting)

Eliza wanted her face painted... Tiffany said ok and Eliza was ready to go! I said to Tiffany, "wow, you are a WAY nicer mom than I am!" I didn't really feel like $10 was worth it.
Millie was VERY interested in the face painting and watching every move!

SOo... Eliza was finished and we were ready for some more rides. I turned around to Grab Millie and where was she?? Up in the chair ready for her face paint!

I was like... Ok we'll do a little something. The lady suggested a rainbow. "Rainbows are a good idea" I said. Anytime you ask Millie what color something is she replies, "rainbow!"

So we did a Rainbow ($4) total rip off! The nice lady pulled out her mirror and said "do you like it?" Millie scowled and said "NO" while wiping it off!

Millie opened the book, pointed to the tiger and slammed the book shut! My sister Tiffany told me that she was pointing to the tiger on the sign telling her that is what she wanted....So I guess that is what she thought she was getting when we were giving her the stupid rainbow! :)

The lady held up the mirror and said " is this what you wanted?" Millie, with joy replied, "YA, I like it!"

Eliza and Millie both were in heaven the rest of the time and wanted me to take pictures and show them!

Tiffany loved to remind me the rest of the day how she was a "way nicer mom than me!" LOL! The things we do to make our kids happy!
Funny girl Eliza so statue like!
Eliza looked at herself for about 20 min!

Millie waiting for her turn!

The "Rainbow"

" I like it!"

Holding so still!


Face painted cousins!

The boys having a really good attitude
about riding the carousel with Millie!

Millie and Daddy!



Lisa and Tate said...

Looks like a fun (exhasting)day! Tate saw the videos and said "hey, I gotta see dose guys"....

Romeril Family said...

you do so many fun things!! I can't believe Millie sat for that entire face painting, she looks soooo cute!!! I can't wait to see you next week!!!
P.S. Do you love me anymore? I can't get a hold of you!!! :0(

St. Julien's said...

You guys have been BUSY!! thank goodness it's SUMMMMMMMMERRR. Time for us to play again...

PiccaDilly said...

Very funny!