Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liberty Park! DUCKS part 1

They have been working on cleaning up Liberty Park pond from the oil leak FOREVER! I drove by the other day and it was back in action! They re-modeled it so nice, with bridges, benches, flowers and ducks that don't take your bread :( kind of a bummer!

Seriously, they just float out in the middle and don't care that you have yummy homemade bread that you baked just for them!

Maybe they aren't starved yet so they don't know that your supposed to come eat the bread from the kids.

They should take a lesson from the ducks at Sugar House park that ATTACK you for your bread! If these ducks don't get it together, I will be baking for the Sugar House ducks from now on! ;)

With that being said, the kids still had a great time!

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Spencer and Alexa Nielson said...

FUN! I always loved feeding the ducks as a kid! Can't wait til I have my babe and she is old enough to enjoy these things! I might have to tag along with you sometime!