Monday, February 20, 2012

What we've been up to:)

We had a baby and I did it all NATURAL, no medication!!
I'm pretty proud of myself:)

Then Millie was introduced to her new brother!

Then we got ready to leave the hospital...

And then we were home sweet home!

Jake has been doing a lot of holding Finn!

Millie has been doing a lot of holding Finn...

And more holding!
And Finn is happy!

Our little man LOVES to suck any finger he can find:)

Did I mention Millie loves him?

Did I mention Jake loves him!?

Yummm, a thumb!

How is this for a funny finger choice?
Millie is sharing all of her toys with her baby brother!

When you have this much hair you are sure to get a bad case of bed head:)
Goodnight, we are tired...(well at least I am!)


Nicole said...

AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO precious! I love seeing him with his siblings! He's one lucky, loved little guy!!! You look happy! I'm so proud that you did it on your own!

St. Julien's said...

We GOT to talk!! I want to hear it all!!!

Cory & Alli said...

Congrats Tabby! He is too cute! Easton can't wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...

You have an adorable boy there! Love him!