Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Millie turned 3!!!

My baby girl turned 3 today!
A couple of words that come to mind when describing Millie's personality would be....
I could keep them coming... But that pretty much sums her up:)
She is very difficult at times, but we sure do love her! She keeps us on our toes to say the least.
I literally laugh all day long at all the sassy/silly things she comes up with! Millie is not scared of anything which makes it hard to threaten her into doing something else!
She talks and talks and talks! She says things I cannot believe a 3 year old knows.
She is wise beyond her years!
Millie LOVES babies, dolls, stuffed animals, real animals, purses/bags, dancing, singing, Millie is very much a girly girl but don't think she isn't tough! She will tell you where to go and how to get there without even breaking a sweat:)
I feel like Millie was just my tiny baby and now she is 3!?  It makes me a little sad sitting her realizing how fast time flies(little tear)!
We LOVE little sassy Millie!!!


Single Women Adopting Children said...

Oh my goodness I could not love that girl anymore...she loves Gabba gabba and is feisty.....what else do you need. Mila and Millie are so alike it's frightening...we need a playdate!

Nicole said...

wow! can't believe it! she sounds just like her mama!!