Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sexy, nice, patient, loving,
hard working, handsome husband!!
We are lucky to have you!
I love you!
The famous chocolate, cream cheese, birthday cake.. A little more
festive this time around!

Open face sandwich melts with chicken, turkey bacon, pesto, guacamole, tomatoes,
mushrooms, with fresh melted mozzarella!
With lobster bisque soup for dipping!


Lisa and Tate said...

Happy Birthday BRAD!!! Yummmmmm to the grub!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Brad but do you really need to exagerate Tabby! ;)

PiccaDilly said...

Fancy Shmancy...and once again
HAPPY 50TH Brad!!

bradleytee said...

Dear Readers of Miss Tabitas blogity blog-
Something I have learned in my "50" years on this earth is in most cases all boils down to the thing I learned to do in Kindergarden.

At this point I would like all of you to join me:
1. close your lips together
2. wet your lips and stick your tongue just slightly out of them, maybe a quarter of an inch or so
3. take in a breath, medium to large works best
4. keeping your lips together and tongue still out...BLOW out!!

Now...the next time you see the almighty Galita(Tab's Mommy) please follow steps 1 thru 4, and then repeat.

I still have plenty of 30-something left in me.

And thanks to Tabby...she really DID go out of her way this birthday. Did you see the planes?

Oh Ya!!

Romeril Family said...

Looks so great, can't wait to try making those sammies. Happy Birthday Brad!!!