Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wheeler Farm!

We went to Wheeler Farm yesterday! Why have I never been before?? It was such nice weather and so much fun! The kids had a blast and I got a workout pushing a double stroller through the dirt and chasing my twins around! (Jack is my adopted son during the week!) We saw the animals, took a tractor ride, did a maze, and picked some pumpkins! We will definitely go again!
Millie and Jack looking at the new calf!

Mama was due for some MILKING!

Hello Cow!
Nothing like a fresh picked apple!

Millie was more for the pear!

I'm not ganna lie...We may have fed the animals!
Millie met a new friend!

Taking a casual stroll!

We made friends with the horse! We had an apple!
And he loved a little grass!

Hay, Hay Millie said!
Jack attack!

My babies!
We can get down by ourselves!
Jack was pretty mad when I took him down from
his wheel!

Come this way!

dead end!
Look at this pumpkin!

Or this one!

I like these better!
Look Millie!
I found my pumpkin!

I love how you can barely see Millie amongst the pumpkins!

Hello Chick!

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PiccaDilly said...

That is a fun place! And....they have craft fairs there. Should be some coming up!